Fresh BIO figs

The fig is one of the sweetest fruits, useful with its fibers and, potassium, calcium, and iron.
The potassium helps to control heart rate and blood pressure within normal limits.
The fibers in the fig core improve digestion and absorption of food. Its high calcium content store
the bones, nails and hair.

To maximize the health qualities of this delicious summer fruit, the best is to eat it fresh.


Пресни БИО смокини може да намерите при нас през месеците август и септември. В БИО фермата отглеждаме

три различни сорта, които предлагаме на пазара в екологични опаковки.

Fresh Figs



Tea fig

The tea made from the leaves of a fig tree or taking them in the raw decrease the quantity of
triglycerides and dangerous that influence formation of bad cholesterol in the blood. The fig leaves
are known with their fungicidal (antifungal), bactericidal and anti-parasitic activity,
used in labored breathing (dyspnea), cough, gastric and intestinal pain, in Buerger's disease
(obstruction of the blood vessels). Outwardly infusions are used as a gargle for sore throat / toothache,
imposing paws in gnoynitsi skin and burns, baths, compresses.